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FOREIGN AMERICA - Film trailer pitch about 3 first gen girls sneaking out to an all-American party

FAT, GAY, & INDIAN - One-man show - won Best Director & Best Show at Crazy Woke Asians Festival 2019

M.E. SO FUNNY - 2-woman show featured in L.A. Weekly, showcased at Comedy Central Stage, selected 3 years in a row for Second City Diversity Festival, and also booked to perform at UC Riverside (received great review). 

SANDAROO & THE SUPERKIDS - An animated show I directed for Moonbug Entertaintment

LITTLE RUBY ROO - An animated show I direct for Moonbug Entertaintment  (Apr 2020)

ADVENTURES OF NAI NAI - One-woman show featuring Kiki Yeung for Crazy Woke Asians Festival  (May 2020)