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                           The Treaty


Tracy, a college student, is frustrated with the violence between two gangs in her neighborhood.  She gets upset with her brother, Sean, when she finds out he has joined one of them.  Tracy has already lost her best friend in a gang crossfire, and is worried about losing other loved ones.  Sean argues that he has joined the Kraze gang to provide protection for their family.

Tracy’s friend Giselle is dating Chris, the leader of the rival gang (the Fuegos).  Both gangs are notorious man-whores, and when they are not fighting, they are sleeping with women.

When Tracy’s younger siblings get hurt in crossfire, she calls the ladies of L.A. to join together and put a stop to the violence.  She proposes that they refuse to have sex with the gang members until they make peace.  The girls take much convincing, but when their own loved ones are affected by the violence, they all agree to the plan.  Even jokesters Gina and Carla help the cause.

The girls create a complex plan to cripple the Kraze and Fuegos.  They steal their belongings – weapons, wallets, phones, drugs – and spread rumors about them that has every girl in L.A. avoiding them.  Though it is difficult, they thwart the efforts of the guys to negotiate or get back their stuff.  The guys go home defeated and horny.

The guys try talking the girls out of this silly plan, but the girls will only accept a peace treaty between the gangs.  Tyler, the Kraze leader, is determined to crack these stubborn girls, who begin to get weak.  Even with their dildo gifts from Tracy and Giselle, they begin to get lonely and miss boys.  Many of them contemplate giving up, but Tracy is determined to win this battle.

Horny and desperate, the gang members also contemplate giving in.  In this battle of the sexes, it’s a game of loneliness and will power.  But when the gangs’ own family members are put in danger, all sides know it is time to somehow end this game.

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