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Lucy is a free-spirited ladybug who loves to roam the village with her best friend, Bubba.  One day their village is attacked by a “bug-dungeon monster” – an insect-loving 10 year-old girl named Violet.  When her Papa Jim and Grandma May join the group of hostages, little Lucy and Bubba take a dangerous journey across the park sandbox to rescue them – Mission Impossible-style.

They struggle with the distance, the heat, and the perils of being stepped on, but they make it to Violet’s ladybug jar and incite a jailbreak.  Violet is not happy that her science project is flying away, so she goes after them with the tools she has left.  Lucy fights hard to lead the group of bugs back to their bush, but Violet is a tough match and refuses to lose her bug collection.  The battle rages on between two determined young girls to save what’s important to them.

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