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The following works are registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.  To request a full manuscript:



The Last Golden Banana – Two monkeys find a buried treasure that comprises their friendship. (Read full description)  Buy E-Book

Mishap Mary Mary is a clumsy little girl who constantly gets herself into difficult situations, and then writes about them in her journal, Watson.  (Read full description)  Buy E-Book


His Parent’s Divorce – A monkey enlists the help of the other zoo animals to jailbreak his parents out of the crap cage and get them back together.

Jebediah and the Cheeseburger – A young boy comes across a cheeseburger that turns out to be an evil teleportation device, and gets sent into different lands against his will.



Martian Terrorist – On being Middle-Eastern after 9/11.

Chub Chub Piglet – On being addicted to sweets.

Mental Matters – About my late grandmother.

Baby’s Mama – On not conforming to Slutism.

Emo and the Beast – On my crush-turned-emo.

Defining Moment – On the day in second grade that I decided to be a writer.


                                                            IN THE WORKS



Untitled "B.U.M.P. Academy" Adventure Novel – Nora discovers a very different kind of academy.



9 Lives – Memoir.


A Dark Light – A collection of poetry.

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