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The following scripts are registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and the Writer’s Guild of America.  To request a full script: 


FIRST GENS – Teen Comedy – COMEDY FINALIST with JuntoBox Films

Frustrated with their strict cultures, Mariam (Lebanese), Naya (Indian), and Cho (Korean) decide to sneak out to an all-American house party and get the real high school experience they deserve – and soon realize they have no idea what they’re doing, or where they fit in.    (Read full synopsis)

THE TREATY – Comedy (Adaptation of Greek Play, LYSISTRATA)

Tracy is frustrated with the gang violence in her neighborhood, and when her younger siblings get hurt in crossfire, she calls the ladies of L.A. to join together and put a stop to the violence by refusing to have sex with the members until they make peace.  (Read full synopsis)

LADYBUGS – Animated Short

When her papa and grandma are captured by the bug-dungeon monster – an insect-loving 10 year-old – Lucy the ladybug and her best friend, Bubba, take a dangerous journey across the park sandbox to rescue them – Mission Impossible-style. (Read full synopsis)

OLD MAIDS – Comedy Feature (Based off M.E. So Funny Sketches)

After being pressured by both family and community, single ladies Canan and Nahreen decide to embark on a road trip to find husbands, quickly learning that life’s missions aren’t always that easily completed.


ASYLUM – Single-Cam - Comedy - Disney/ABC Writing Program SEMI-FINALIST 2018 

Two psychologists who work in a prison and a clinic hate their bosses and decide to form their own practice together, but they can’t seem to keep their work life and personal life separate – from finding their dream date checking into their clinic, to avoiding homicidal roommates, they start having to do things the unprofessional way.

ROBIN - Single-Cam - Dramedy


A modern day adaptation of Robin Hood. Two young military veterans, Robin and Jen, are at their wits end with corruption in the city and begin robbing the crooked rich to help the poor - starting with her mom's boss at a student loan corp - and find the local criminal, Sunny, being way more useful than expected.

TECHIES - Multi-Cam - Comedy

As coworkers of a tech company, Mya gets her husband Diego the chance to win over their boss' genius daughter, while also trying to help her bestie Percy get a new renter who can be his viral video co-star.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Kimmy Starts a Club

Kimmy starts her own Baby-Sitters Club and quickly loses control of the members and clients - including a baby - while Titus decides to become a vegan and Scientologist to the dismay of his friends (and himself, it's hard).

Girl Meets World – “Girl Meets Bad Boy” –  Disney/ABC Writing Program SEMI-FINALIST 2018

When the new bad boy asks Riley out, the resulting popularity causes her to slowly lose herself, her friends, and her good judgment, turning her into an evil school queen with ridiculous mignons, as the class fittingly learns about the traitorous Benedict Arnold.

2 BROKE GIRLS – “And the Photo Shoot” – Max and Caroline try to shoot a photo ad for their cupcake business, but the photographer and photo shoot turn out much different than expected. Meaning bad. No animals were harmed in the writing of this spec.

30 ROCK – “The Tables are Turning” – Jack tries to cover up what happened in Washington while Liz tries to kill the rumor going around about her being pregnant.



A HOUSE DIVIDED – Drama Feature (Based on a true story) 

When the congregation of a Syrian Orthodox church in Los Angeles discovers that their bishop stole millions of dollars from the church, they divide into pro-bishop and anti-bishop factions, leading to riots, the suspension of their beloved pastor, and the destruction of the Syrian Orthodox community.

SEVEN DATES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS – Comedy Feature (Adaptation)

A group of fraternity brothers make a pact to find dates to the Greek ball and outdo their popular and chiseled rival fraternity.

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